Who We Are

“We Engineer, We Built, We Operate”

PT Beta Pramesti Asia is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company specializing in Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Systems

When it comes to engineering the ideal water or waste water treatment system, we believe Process selection is the key. Our skilled engineers would be glad to assist and advise to provide a suitable system. We understand each customer has specific needs, and a good understanding of process allows us to select the right process at the right cost.


PT. Beta Pramesti journey began as the exclusive distributor of Hydro-Chem Boiler and Cooling Tower Chemical from Melbourne, Australia in 1985. Since then the company has grown and established office branches outside Jakarta indifferent cities such as Samarinda, Banjarmasin, Jambi and Surabaya.

In 1990, we launched the BetaQua brand for our Ion Exchange and Waste Water Treatment Equipment. Building this brand together with the assistance of Aquarius Design Consultants of Australia ensured our engineering aspects is up to par with other overseas water treatment companies.

PT. Beta Pramesti became part of Swing Corporation, the pioneer of water treatment industry in Japan who has over 80 years experience in water and wastewater treatment, the daughter company of Mitsubishi Corporation, JGC Corporation and Ebara Coroporation. Swing had officially become our Major shareholder since 2016.

Part of Swing Corporation

About Swing Corporation

SWING has leading shares for EPC and O&M in Japan
and plentiful experience abroad.

Accomplished 500 projects in over 50 countries

Abundant experience in EPC and O&M
Over 2,000 Operators and 500 Engineers

has new technologies of water treatment, waste water for municipal and Industry

under Mitsubishi Corporation, Ebara, and Global procurement, Project Management

Our Director

Daniel Somadjaja


Paulus Somadjaja

President Director

Ichiro Tsunoda

Operational Manager


EPC Division

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Division

From planning, designing to constructing of facilities

Waste Water Treatment
Sewage Treatment
Water Reuse
Industrial WWTP 

Fabrication Service
Field Erected Tanks
Shop Fabricated Tanks

Special Applications
Sugar Refining using IER
Electrochlorination System

Operations & Maintenance
Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting

OM Division

Operation & Maintenance Division

This Division focus on :

Spare Part Supply
Service Work Maintenance
Contract Services

OM Division handle system:

Brackish Water RO System

Softener System
Demineralization System

Electro Chlorination
Electro Rejunigation
Water Recycle System

Chemical Division

Chemical Division

Chemicals & Services

Cooling Tower Chemicals
Boiler Chemicals
Coagulant & Floculant
Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals