Well and River Water Processing

Whatever your source water is, PT Beta Pramesti will be able to assist you in converting the water to the quality that you require, economically and professionally.With most of our equipments fully made and assembled in our workshop, your purchase does not go through another agent. Completely backed up by our stock of media, membranes and accessories, we shorten the implementation cycle to 6 weeks for Reverse Osmosis machines up to 144 m3/day, and 8 weeks for most our other equipment.

For well waters with high organic content, we recommend our organic scavenger.

For well waters with high TDS, we recommend our Brackish Reverse Osmosis unit, capable of treating water with TDS up to 4000 ppm.

For surface water with high organic/turbidity, we recommend our organic scavenger or our Ultra Filter unit (Pilot unit available for trial at your site).

Please contact us for more information.