BetaQua Electrodeionization (EDI) Indonesia

Our BetaQua Electrodeionization units removes dissolved solids down to ultrapure ranges. Silica to 20 ppb and Resistivity better than 16MOhm is common found and in some cases guaranteed.

Electrodeinozation is applicable in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, power generation, electronics or other industries requiring ultrapure water. Utilising reliable GE E-Cell MK2 or MK3 stacks, these systems come in options of hot water sanitizable, pharmaceutical grade or standard industrial grade.

With more than six units custom built in our workshop, installed and running in industries demanding the best systems, you can rest assured our systems are built with experience.

Some of our References:

Bristol Myers Squibb, Purified Water to USP standards
Dankos Pharma, Purified Water to USP standards
Ikapharmindo, Purified Water to USP standards