Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)


Water is a basic human need, whether for drinking, cooking, washing, irrigating rice fields, industrial raw materials, etc. But unfortunately water sources are limited and not all water sources can be directly used for human needs. For example, surface water (rivers and lakes) generally require a filtration process and chemical injection first to remove dirt and kill bacteria until clean water is obtained. These filtration process and chemical injection are some examples of a or water treatment plant (WTP) system that aims to improve water quality as needed.

Selection of Water Treatment Technology

The technology in water treatment systems or water treatment plants varies greatly, depending on the water source and the desired product water quality. In general, to achieve the desired water quality, it cannot be obtained directly with one type of technology or equipment, but must go through several equipment in a row. The thumb rule is the order of equipment is based on the size of the impurity / contaminant particles that will be removed from larger particles to smaller particles.

For example, to treat cloudy river water due to the content of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and high turbidity and odor due to bacteria, a Bar screen – Chlorine Injection – Coagulation – FlocculationClarifier Sand FilterCarbon Filter – UV is needed to get clean water. But if the product water will be used for boiler feed water with a higher purity level, namely Electric Conductivity < 5 microsiemens/cm, then there must be advanced equipment, either Reverse Osmosis or Ion Exchange Demineralization Plant.

For more details regarding the right water treatment system design, please contact and discuss with our engineering team. Do not forget to submit the required data as follows:

  • Where does the water come from (well/river/sea water)?
  • Required product water capacity (m3/hour, m3/day) ?
  • Analysis of the quality of water sources?
  • The desired product water quality parameter?
  • Layout area provided (Length x Width x Height)

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