Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and Wastewater Treatment​

water and wastewater treatment

Beta Pramesti Asia boasts a team of highly experienced field personnel dedicated to water and wastewater treatment for various industrial processes, including utility makeup. With a wealth of expertise, we specialize in treating diverse source waters, be it from lakes, rivers, wells, cities, or secondary and tertiary effluent reuse sources.

In most industrial operations, it’s essential to treat or clarify raw water before it can be used as makeup water. Clarification plays a crucial role in eliminating suspended and dissolved solids, bacteria, and other impurities. This proactive approach helps prevent issues like system scale, corrosion, and fouling.

What sets Beta Pramesti Asia apart is our innovative influent treatment programs that enhance mechanical clarification methods through chemical expertise. Our dedicated personnel collaborate closely with your team, conducting in-depth plant surveys and source water evaluations. Based on the findings, our Beta Pramesti Asia field engineers customize and implement a tailored treatment program, ensuring the optimal performance of your clarification system.

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Disinfection & pH Adjuster

Coagulation & Flocculation