Sewage Treatment Modules

Sewage & Wastewater Treatment:

Sewage Treatment Modules

sewage water treatment

Our BetaQua Sewage Treatment Modules offer a user-friendly design and easy installation process. Crafted from top-notch FRP materials and available in pre-engineered sizes, these modules come as a fully integrated unit, requiring only a designated space, inlet/outlet pipes, and electrical connections.

Rest assured, these units are in full compliance with your current AMDAL regulations, guaranteeing trouble-free operation and employing high-quality components.

BetaQua STP units offer customization options that include:

• Automatic backwash/regeneration

• Siemens PLC Touch Screen

• Remote Monitoring

• Double Train (redundancy)

• Fiber lining or Rubber lining

• Stainless Steel 304/316/316L Options

These BetaQua STP units are meticulously engineered to effectively treat sewage waste from hospitals, hotels, and various residential buildings with:

• BOD values under 300 ppm, accommodating flow rates ranging from 60 m3/day to 2400 m3/day

• For higher BOD values

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further information.