TOC Rental

TOC RentalPure and Ultrapure water production require monitoring of organic contamination throughout the treatment process.The 5000 TOC Sensor provides continuous, fast and reliable monitoring of TOC levels from past RO water to poiny-of-use. With continuous on-line measurements, the 5000 TOC sensor ensures TOC excursions will not be missed.

Beta Pramesti Asia provide 5000 TOC portable rental for whoever can get the purified water easily. There are many benefits when using 5000 TOC. This tool able to add on pH/ORP, conductity/resistivity, ozone and dissilved oxygen sensor for measurement.

Low start and operating cost with local onsite services available. Besides, 5000 total organic carbon is one product of Thornton and fully USP compliance with certificate.  You can compare with sievers and prove that 5000 TOC is best choice.