BetaQua Sentinel

BetaQua Sentinel

betaqua sentinelbetaqua sentinel

In most cases, water/wastewater system data such as flow, conductivity, turbidity, pressures and pH needs to be shared for analysis either locally or by an engineering team from a central location.

By utilizing BetaQua sentinel, no more copying of data onto cds, emailing or copying through USB disks are required. Your data are all stored in our secure server with redundant storage and 256bit encryption.

You can choose whether your data is available to all internet users, or accessed only with user names and passwords of your team. All of these data is displayed graphically as well as in tabular format daily, monthly and annually.

With the option of downloading into a csv/tab separated file that most spreadsheets can open or most database can accept, data logging and tracing of your data to your production is greatly simplified.