Reverse Osmosis Maintenance

Hydro-Chem Reverse Osmosis Anti Scalants are used in many installations to provide added protection from scale forming contaminants such as hardness and silica.

With the high concentration of silica commonly found in well waters in Indonesia, our anti-scalants will reduce maintenance time and membrane replacement frequencies.

In some installations, the use of our anti-scalants have provided significant costs savings compared to the use of softener as pretreatment.

Contact us for a quick study of how our anti-scalants will save you money in regeneration costs!

Hydro-Chem Reverse Osmosis Cleaners are designed to restore your original membrane performance without damaging the membranes.

Properly studied and experimented using 24 hour soak tests, our membrane cleaners are compatible of Thin Film Composite membranes mostly found on your installations.

Please contact us for a maintenance contract on your Reverse Osmosis machines. Whether you want your membranes cleaned on site or on our site, we can provide you with a cost effective solution.