Seawater Desalination

Membrane System: Seawater Desalination

seawater desalination

Our BetaQua SWRO machines are engineered for enduring performance, whether for power plants, marine vessels, or remote island applications. Crafted in our own workshop, each unit is tailored to your budget and specifications. In low-power areas, we offer energy-efficient options with recovery devices to minimize power consumption. With a proven track record from Pulau Seribu to Sulawesi’s power plants, our units are built to withstand rigorous demands.


• PT. Jaya Teknik Indonesia’s 5000 BWPD Sea Water Desalination in Ancol Dreamland

• PT. Salim Ivomas Pratama’s 1000 BWPD Sea Water Desalination in Bimoli – Tanjung Priok

•PLN Amurang’s power plant dual train Seawater Desalination producing > 10MOhm water

• Pulau Seribu’s island Seawater Desalination for clean potable water

•Total EP’s Seawater Desalination with ultrafiltration for pretreatment to deliver clean potable water.