Scale Inhibitor

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Scale Inhibitor

The formation of scale is primarily triggered by the accumulation of hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium in the boiler water. Failure to address these ions adequately can lead to the precipitation of deposits, which can, in turn, cause corrosion and even tube failures. To preempt these issues, it’s imperative to treat the incoming water with a suitable antiscalant or scale inhibitor.

Scale formation in heat transfer systems of steam Boilers and steam Generators is a common issue that poses significant challenges. Whether it’s comprised of calcium, magnesium, or silica, scale can severely impair thermal transfer efficiency, resulting in heightened energy expenses and decreased production output.

The Hydro and Betagard product series of scale inhibtor represent a range of liquid and powdered boiler water treatment solutions meticulously crafted to deliver precise control over scale, sludge, and corrosion in large steam boilers or those with high makeup water volume.

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