Sewage & Waste Water Treatment : Sewage Treatment Modules

Our BetaQua Sewage Treatment Modules are designed for simple operation and easy installation. It is made of high grade FRP and come in pre-engineered sizes. Designed as one integrated unit, all that are required is a space for the unit and inlet/outlet pipes and electrical connections.

Guaranteed to meet your current AMDAL regulations, these units are trouble-free and utilize high quality components
BetaQua STP units are customizable with the following options:

• Remote monitoring
• Fiber lining
• Multiple blower/pump options (redundancy)

BetaQua STP units are designed for treating sewage waste from hospital, hotels and other residential buildings with BOD values lower than 300 ppm at flowrates ranging from 60 m3/day to 2400 m3/day. For higher BOD values, please contact us for further information.