Membrane system : Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is ideal for producing low conductivity/Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) with little maintenance from relatively high conductivity/TDS water.

Our Pre-Engineered BetaQua Brackish Reverse Osmosis Machines (BWRO) is suited to handle feed waters with conductivity of up to 4,000uS.

For higher feed conductivities,contact us for customized machine or for seawater applications, please click here. With two versions to suit your budget, our BetaQua BWRO Standard and BetaQua BWRO

Premium comes with a complete list of options:
-Touch Screen Operation
-Remote Monitoring
-Stainless steel or FRP housings
-Double Pass
-No concentrate recycle option
-Permeate Flush

Some of our References:

-Synchrotron Australia, Electron Research Facility
-Pantai Mutiara Apartments, brackish water desalination for six apartment towers
-PLN Pontianak, brackish water desalination from air gambut (extremely high organic containing peat)