Sewage & WWT: Biological Wastewater Systems

PT Beta Pramesti Asia has been in the waste water treatment business since we first started in 1985. With more than 15 textile wastewater treatment plants and STP (Sewage Treatment Plants) installed in Indonesia, sized from 60m3/day to 3600 m3/day, your system will be designed based on experience.

Having completed difficult wastewater treatment systems such as pharmaceutical wastewater, wool-dyeing wastewater, power plant and numerous other food industries, we have the experience to back up your next plant.

Our offerings in this area ranges from our pre-engineered STP plants and custom built plants designed to handle higher BOD loads. For applications requiring nutrient removal such as ammonia, nitrate, phosphorous, please contact our application specialist on the contact page. Our plants are guaranteed to meet your local AMDAL standards.