As a primary or secondary treatment, our clarifier is provided to remove suspended solid. Whether it is for seawater, river water or sewage/waste water, we design our clarifier to suit your requirement. It can be made circular or rectangular in shape, it also can apply different feature/technology such as conventional rake drive clarifier, or with lamella clarifier. We custom made depends on your raw water analysis, your available space, and most important is at optimum CAPEX and OPEX cost.

Circular Clarifier

When space is not a limitation and the water flowrate is high, Circular Clarifier is the right answer to your suspended solid problem. We can design it with concrete tank or steel tank, whichever is your preference.

In circular clarifier, a drive mechanism powers a rotating rake mechanism. Feed enters through a feed well designed to dissipate the velocity and stabilize the density currents of the incoming stream. Separation occurs when the heavy particles settle to the bottom of the tank. Some processes add coagulants and or flocculants to the feed stream to enhance particle agglomeration to promote faster or more effective settling. The clarified liquid overflows the tank and is sent to the next stage of a process. The underflow solids are withdrawn from an underflow cone by gravity discharge or pumping.

Lamella Clarifier

Our BetaQua Lamella Clarifier Systems are excellent for removing or reducing suspended solids from water. The inclined lamella tube or plate settlers enlarge surface area for suspended solids to settle down more efficiently thus reducing costly and limited space. We have installed our systems for Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants, such as for general industries, pulp & paper industries, and municipal drinking water treatments.