EPC Division

System Construction

Engineering Procurement & Construction Division

The forefront of turning dreams into reality. As a key component of our project management services, we specialize in delivering large-scale projects from conceptualization to successful execution. With a strong focus on innovation, efficiency and sustainability, we take pride in enabling our clients to achieve their most ambitious visions.

• Wastewater Treatment

• Sewage Treatment

• Water Reuse Industrial

• Wastewater Treatment Plant

• Special Applications

• Sugar Refining using IER

• Electrochlorination System

• Fabrication Service

• Field Erected Tanks

• Shop Fabricated Tanks

• Special Applications

• Sugar Refining using IER

• Electrochlorination System

OM Division

operation and maintenance

Operation & Maintenance Division

With relentless focus on excellence, our OM division ensures the smooth operation and long-ter efficiency of water and wastewater treatment plants. We take pride in providing comprehensive solutions that not only meet regulatory standards but also promote sustainability and resource optimization.

• Brackish Water RO System

• Demineralization System

• Desalination

• Electro Chlorination

• Electro Rejunigation

• Softener System

• Water Recycle System

Chemical Division

water chemicals

We are dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of water treatment processes. Our team of skilled chemist and experts collaborates with clients to deliver tailored solutions that address their specific treatment needs while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

• Cooling Tower Chemicals

• Boiler Chemicals

• Coagulant & Floculant

• Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals