Media Filtration: Multimedia

multimedia filter

Our BetaQua filter, softener, and demineralizer units are meticulously engineered to deliver industrial-grade durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. The installation of these units is fully supported by our dedicated professional service division, guaranteeing reliable operation.
These units have been trusted by prominent companies, including the largest tea bottler in Indonesia, and have found innovative applications like sugar decolorization, showcasing their versatility. User-friendly and efficient, our units have been deployed in numerous installations to reduce color, remove particulates, eliminate odors, address turbidity, tackle iron and hardness issues, and reduce organic content.

Our pre-engineered BetaQua Filter units are adaptable for treating feedwater volumes ranging from 0.8 m3/hour to 120 m3/hour (depending on the media used).

Furthermore, our BetaQua Filter units offer a range of customization options:

• Automatic backwash/regeneration

• Siemens PLC Touch Screen

• Remote Monitoring

• Double Train (redundancy)

• Fiber lining or Rubber lining

• Stainless Steel 304/316/316L Options

For the media selection, we recommend top-quality options such as:

• Kowa Carbon

• Lewattit Ion Exchange Resins

• Tokhemy Anthracite

• Ferrolite (Japan)

• Manganese Greensand

• Alamo Zeolite

• Sand Silica (Bangka).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your media requirements, as our warehouse stocks over 100 tonnes of media for immediate use.