Ion Exchange System:

Mixed Bed Polisher

Mixed Bed Polisher Samur

For achieving ultra-pure water quality, the implementation of a Mixed Bed Polisher step following Demineralization or Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis is essential. This Mixed Bed System plays a pivotal role in reducing the electrical conductivity of water to meet the stringent purity requirements.

The process involves the exchange of positive and negative ions in water with hydrogen and hydroxide ions, resulting in water with exceptionally low conductivity. This ion exchange process is executed within a single vessel using two distinct resins. The Cation resin effectively swaps positive ions for hydrogen ions (H+), while the Anion resin exchanges negative ions for hydroxide ions (OH–). Our meticulously designed BetaQua Mixed Bed vessel comes complete with both cation and anion resin, a lateral inlet distributor, sight glasses, instruments, resin trap, frontal piping, and valves, ensuring the flawless execution of all process sequences to deliver the highest water purity standards.