pharmaceuticalWith more units installed than any other local competitors, our skid-mounted USP Purified Water Generators comes complete with Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeionization, producing water better than USP standards at conductivities < 0.1 uS and TOC lower than 50 ppb.



Some of our References:

  • Bristol Myers Squibb, Double Pass Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeinozation
  • Dankos Pharma, Double Pass Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeinozation
  • Ikapharmindo, Single Pass Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeinozation
  • There are many more references. For complete information, please contact our sales offices.

Our products for the Pharmaceutical industry includes:

  • Pharma Grade Reverse Osmosis Systems (single or double pass)
  • Electrodeionization
  • Orbitally Welded Sanitary Distribution System
  • Cold Sanitation using Electrolytic Ozone Generators in sanitary distribution systems
  • Hot water sanitizable membranes and electrodeionization
  • Contract Service for maintenance

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