Industrial Chemical Cleaner

Beta Pramesti Asia’s comprehensive range of high-quality industrial maintenance and commercial cleaning chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant performance benefits, improving the speed and efficiency of many cleaning and maintenance activities.

Our industrial cleaner deliver superior performance and include heavy duty and highly concentrated cleaning compound, resin cleaner, alkaline cleaning agent, engine water coolant radiator, coal dust control, anticaking, deoiler, and more.

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Inhibited Acid for Rust and Scale Remover
Hydro 278
Air cooled Cleaner 
Hydro 292
Concentrated Cleaning Compound
Hydro 454
Resin Cleaner 
Hydro 575
Alkaline Cleaning Agent 
Hydro 544
Alkaline Cleaning Agent
Hydro 588
Alkaline Cleaning Agent
Hydro 590
Alkaline Cleaning Agent
Hydro 590 L
Alkaline Cleaning Agent
Hydro 591
Alkaline Cleaning Agent
Hydro 595
Engine Water Coolant Inhibitor
Hydro 888
Engine Water Coolant Radiator
Betagard 1588
Betagard 7801
Coal Dust Control 
Betagard 9015
Coal Dust Control
Betagard 9016
Anticaking Agent 
Betagard 9090
Anticaking Agent 
Betagard 9091