Industrial Cleaner

Industrial Chemical Cleaner

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Beta Pramesti Asia presents an extensive selection of top-notch industrial maintenance and commercial cleaning chemicals, meticulously crafted through scientific formulations to yield remarkable performance advantages, thereby enhancing the speed and effectiveness of various cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Within our lineup of industrial cleaners, you’ll discover products that excel in performance, including heavy-duty, highly concentrated cleaning compounds, resin cleaners, alkaline cleaning agents, engine water coolant radiators, coal dust control solutions, anticaking agents, deoilers, and an array of other specialized products. These offerings are designed to meet a diverse range of cleaning and maintenance needs, ensuring superior results in various industrial applications.

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Inhibited Acid for Rust and Scale Remover

Air Cooled Cleaner

Concentrated Cleaning Compound

Hydro 278

Hydro 292

Hydro 454

Alkaline Cleaning Agent

Resin Cleaner

Alkaline Control Compound

Hydro 544

Hydro 575

Hydro 588

Alkaline Control Compound

Alkaline Control Agent

Alkaline Control Agent

Hydro 590

Hydro 590 L

Hydro 591

Alkaline Cleaning Agent

Engine Water Coolant Inhibitor

Engine Water Coolant Radiator

Hydro 595

Hydro 888

Betagard 1588


Coal Dust Control

Coal Dust Control

Betagard 7801

Betagard 9015

Betagard 9016

Anticaking Agent

Anticaking Agent

Betagard 9090

Betagard 9091