Oil Field Chemical

Beta Pramesti Asia’s oilfield chemicals are widely used in oil and gas drilling projects for improvements in oil and gas exploration field operations. The usage of different types of is increasing significantly for efficient exploration process. Various chemicals for oilfield including demulsifier, surfactant, corrosion inhibitors to increase the drilling fluid efficiency.

We offer top quality oil soluble demulsifiers which are designed to give excellent demulsifying action to separate water and oil from water in oil and oil in water type of emulsions. Our water soluble demulsifier products are totally organic surfactant solutions which can perform at room temperature with improved speed for oil-water separation. 

Our efforts are continuous on enhancing the quality of diversified substances to make the process more effective, reliable with better output to meet the requirements for oil field chemicals that are based on several factors like crude oil production, reservoirs and drilling locations etc. Our strong supply chain and distribution network offers best pricing products.

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Scale Inhibitor for Oil Field
Betagard 9130
Oxygen Scavenger for Oil Field 
Betagard 9140
H2S Scavenger 
Betagard 9150
Solid Fuel Additif 
Betagard 9200
Fuel Oil Additif
Betagard 9210
Reverse Demulsifier 
Betagard 9300
Reverse Demulsifier
Betagard 9310
Oil Spill Dispersant 
Betagard 9400
Pour Point Depresant 
Betagard 9500
Biocide for Oil Field 
Betagard 9600