Our BetaQua Mixed Bed Polisher has been used in more than 120 installations to date, and have been operating consistently for boiler feed water in general industries as well as power plants.

This conventional mixed bed polisher consists of cation and anion ion exchange resins in a 1:1.5 to 1:2 ratio depending on the feed water composition. The water will produce better than 5MOhm or 0.2 microsiemens.

Our mixed bed polishers are made in our own workshop, including the rubber lining, providing you with a robust and competitive equipment that will last many years.

Mixed Bed Polisher

When ultra pure water quality is required, Mixed Bed Polisher step after Demineralization or Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis can be applied. Mixed Bed System is provided to reduce the electrical conductivity of water.

Through the process of exchange of the positive and negative ions in water with hydrogen and hydroxide ions, water of low conductivity is achieved. Two separate resins in the same vessel are utilized for the ion exchange process. The Cation resin exchanges the positive ions for hydrogen ions (H + ), while the Anion resin exchanges the negative ions for hydroxide ions (OH – ). Our BetaQua Mixed Bed vessel is designed complete with cation & anion resin, lateral inlet distributor, sight glasses, instruments, resin trap, frontal piping and valves to ensure all the process sequences are carried out perfectly.

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