Ion Exchange Systems:



For over a decade, our trusted BetaQua Demineralizer (Cation/Anion) and Mixed Bed Systems have been the choice of leading industries in Indonesia for the reduction of water conductivity/TDS levels. These systems employ an ion exchange process that replaces positive and negative ions in water with hydrogen and hydroxide ions, resulting in low-conductivity water. Our pre-engineered BetaQua Demineralizer units are highly versatile, capable of treating feedwater volumes ranging from 0.8 m3/hour to 120 m3/hour. Furthermore, our BetaQua Filter units offer a range of customization options, including automatic regeneration, touch screen operation, remote monitoring, metered regeneration, double train redundancy, fiber lining or rubber lining, and a choice of stainless steel (304/316/316L) or FRP tanks.


• Petrokimia Gresik (Persero) with a Demin Plant capacity of 180 m3/hour

• Birina Multidaya with a Demin Plant capacity of 60 m3/hour.