Condensate Polishing Overview

Condensate Polishing Overview

Steam Power Plants (PLTU) use steam to drive turbines and generate electricity. Water vapor is obtained by heating the feed water in the boiler with coal as fuel. Water vapor from the boiler is used in the turbine and then enters the condenser to cool its temperature and is referred to as condensate.

This condensate will be reused as boiler feed water on condition that the condensate is clean from impurities such as iron, organic, hydrocarbon etc. which are carried during use and result in an increase in conductivity exceeding the boiler feed water requirements.

How to clean this condensate? It is with the Condensate Polishing System. Condensate Polishers generally consist of a Heat Exchanger to lower the condensate temperature to a temperature that can still be retained by activated carbon and ion exchange resins, Activated Carbon to remove hydrocarbons and an Ion Exchange Mixed Bed Polisher to reduce conductivity and silica content to a level that meets the requirements. boiler feed water.

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