Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor

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Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor

The presence of dissolved carbon dioxide in the boiler feed water can result in the formation of carbonic acid, which has the potential to corrode the condensate return lines. This corrosion issue can give rise to problems such as leaks, premature system failure, and the introduction of iron into the steam boiler system. To mitigate these risks, it becomes imperative to introduce a volatile condensate treatment that elevates the pH levels and serves as a corrosion deterrent.

Our Betagard series consists of a combination of neutralizing amines, each with distinct distribution ratios. This combination offers comprehensive protection for the entire steam condensate system, effectively guarding against corrosion induced by carbon dioxide. These amines rapidly volatilize and disperse throughout the system alongside the steam. The less volatile component neutralizes carbonic acid formation in areas closest to the boiler, while the more volatile component extends its protection to the farther reaches of the system.

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