Coagulation & Flocculation

Coagulants destabilize the forces that keep colloidal solids apart, while flocculants cause them to agglomerate and drop out of solution. Our coagulation and flocculation solutions include both organic and inorganic chemistries.

Coagulants neutralize the negative electrical charge on particles, which destabilizes the forces keeping colloids apart. Water treatment coagulants are comprised of positively charged molecules that, when added to the water and mixed, accomplish this charge neutralization. Inorganic coagulants, organic coagulants, or a combination of the two are typically used to treat water for suspended solids removal.

Flocculant, charge-neutralized solids can be further agglomerated by using flocculants. Flocculants can be thought of as a high-tech rope tying particles together, thereby increasing particle size. Flocculants come in various charges, charge densities, molecular weights, and forms.