Our clarifier serves as a versatile primary or secondary treatment solution, dedicated to eliminating suspended solids from diverse water sources, be it seawater, river water, or sewage/wastewater. We take pride in crafting clarifiers tailored to your specific needs, offering both circular and rectangular configurations, along with various features and technologies such as conventional rake drive clarifiers and lamella clarifiers. Our designs are meticulously customized based on your raw water analysis, space availability, and, crucially, cost-effectiveness in terms of both capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX). Trust us to deliver an optimal solution that ensures efficient solid removal while aligning with your unique requirements.


Circular Clarifier

Our Circular Clarifier, suitable for high water flow rates and ample space, tackles suspended solids effectively. Whether you prefer concrete or steel, we customize it to your choice.

The system’s drive mechanism powers a rotating rake, guiding feed through a specialized well for velocity dissipation and density current stabilization. Heavy particles settle at the tank bottom, and in some cases, coagulants or flocculants enhance settling. Clarified liquid overflows for the next stage, while underflow solids exit via gravity or pumps. Achieve superior solid removal in expansive, high-flow settings with our Circular Clarifier solutions

lamella clarifier

Lamella Clarifier

Our BetaQua Lamella Clarifier Systems excel in the removal and reduction of suspended solids in water. Featuring inclined lamella tubes and plate settlers, these systems dramatically increase surface area for suspended solids to settle efficiently, saving valuable space and reducing expenses. Our installations have proven their effectiveness in a variety of settings, including Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants for general industries, pulp & paper industries, and municipal drinking water treatment facilities. Elevate water quality with BetaQua’s innovative clarifier solutions.