workshopPT Beta Pramesti has been providing industries in Indonesia with Water and Waste Water Treatment Solutions for over 23 years.

Our company started as the exclusive distributor of Hydro-Chem Boiler and Cooling Tower Chemical from Melbourne, Australia in 1985.

In 1990, we launched the BetaQua brand for our Ion Exchange and Waste Water Treatment Equipment. Building this brand together with the assistance of Aquarius Design Consultants of Australia ensured our engineering aspects is up to par with other overseas water treatment companies.

In 1998, we started our Reverse Osmosis division, with the back up of another US-based consultancy firm. With a diverse range of customers, from the power plants requiring high purity water through desalination to pharmaceutical customers requiring high purity USP Grade Purified Water, our engineering will serve you well.

Beta Pramesti Asia utilises SAP accounting system, and is currently being audited for ISO 9001:2000 (Certified).

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